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Frequently Asked Question Page & Guarantee / Warranty Page

Read this NOTICE before ordering any item.


Majority of the orders are delayed in dispatch process & takes more time in transit than normal time.

Some of the orders get cancelled due to few unavoidable reasons; refunds may take more time in that case.

SWATI SEEDS reserves the right to cancel your order at any stage, without any prior notice. This portal is only for genuine farmers.

Please co-operate & Stay Safe. We will take maximum efforts to give you best possible service.

Frequently Asked Question Page :

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is SWATI SEEDS ?

SWATI SEEDS is the Agriculture Company in India to launch complete range of All Kind Of Seeds Products .You can access whole Ag-industry under one e-commerce platform to get all types of Seeds.

2. What is Public Login ?

There are one portals of SWATI SEEDS : one is for Public.

By clicking on Public Login, you will be redirected to the play store app in search SWATI SEEDS and this portal is just for farmers & general public. Payments can be done by Credit Card, Debit Card, UPI or Net Banking and Wallet.

3. What is My Account ?

My Account is personal account for Customer in SWATI SEEDS, from which he/she is able to access his profile, order history, address book, return request, newsletter subscription, etc. Nobody else can see this account without valid login.

4. How do I Login into SWATI SEEDS ?

It’s very simple you don’t require any login during surfing the portal. You have to login with your Mobile Number just before enter OTP Password Sent in Register Mobile Number then continue or after ordering any products, you need to login to access details of your account.

5. How to make payment ?

Payment can be done using your Credit card, Debit card, UPI or Net banking And Wallet.

6. What is minimum order quantity ?

Minimum order quantity is the quantity that you have to buy at least while ordering the product with this clause. Generally we calculate it from average requirement of the farmer. You are able to increase the quantity but cannot decrease from the minimum quantity.

7. Can I Modify My delivery address after placing the order?

Yes, you can modify your delivery address at the time of address confirmation call.

SWATI SEEDS generally confirms delivery address of received orders as a routine process. If you miss it during confirmation call, you cannot change it afterwards as we dispatch parcel immediately after address confirmation. If your phone cannot be reach due to any reason, we process the dispatch according to your order details & in this case also you cannot claim modification of your delivery address.

8. When and how can I Cancel my Order ?

You have chance to cancel your order before we dispatch your parcel.

To cancel order, call our customer care number 094267 01432 & 094291 01161 they will guide you according to possibilities. Cancelation charges, return charges & return postage charges will be applied as per the policies of SWATI SEEDS

9. What will be the estimated Delivery time ?

General delivery time is within 4 to 7 working days but it may vary due to product type, source & destination.

10. What are the delivery charges ?

There are no extra delivery charges as it is included in offer price. We suggest you to see delivery terms of bulky products as there may be some excluded cost.

11. Does SWATI SEEDS deliver pan India ?

Yes, we deliver products in all deepest parts of rural India, subject to the reach of Indian postal department.

12. What is SWATI SEEDS ’s Return Guarantees ?

You can return the product of SWATI SEEDS only if :

- The product is unused & intact.

- If the product is not been tampered.

- If the product is not damaged by your miss-handling.

- If the product is not expired.

- If the product is not covered under non-returnable policy of the respective vendor.

We also suggest you to check Guaranty / Warranty clause displayed on the product page as well as at the bottom link of the portal.

13. What are the modes of refund available after cancelations & returns ?

After following the norms of cancelation or return and if you are liable for refund, you will surely get refund by any of the following possible modes :

- SWATI SEEDS will anyway find the appropriate way to refund by consulting you. (In case of non-delivery of the consignment due to any other reason, 100% money will be refunded back to the customer. In case of refusal to accept the parcel, 5% amount will be charged from the refusing farmer as cancellation/postage charges. In case of returns or exchanges, all expenses like transportation, filled GST, gateway charges, processing charges, etc will be deducted during refund.

14. What is Brands ?

SWATI SEEDS lists only genuine products from renowned companies. In our brand section you can see the name of brands listed in SWATI SEEDS.

15. What is Feedback ?

You can interact with SWATI SEEDS in many ways. In Feedback form, you can send us feedback or suggestions & also upload a file as an attachment. Your feedback is valuable for us to make our services better.

16. What is Inquiry ?

You can interact with SWATI SEEDS in many ways. In Inquiry form, you can inquire regarding agriculture inputs or services which are not listed in SWATI SEEDS. You can ask us to list the product or service according to your requirement. You can also upload a file as attachment regarding your inquiry.